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Shipping & Returns Policies
Returns Policy:
* Your complete shopping satisfaction is our number one priority.
* We will accept returns of any stock item you purchase on our site.
* We ask that you ship returns to us within two weeks of the time you receive your order.
* We recommend using DHL so that you have tracking and delivery confirmation.
* We cannot accept returns of items that have become damaged, worn,scratched or soiled. Discuss the return with us before shipping the merchandise.

email: info@mondybazaar.com
Tel: (+20) 1111411123
Tel: (+20) 1143681111 

* In the rare case that your shipment contains a defective item or we accidentally sent you the wrong item, we will ship you a replacement at no charge and credit the cost of your return shipping charges once your return is received.
* If you don't wish to receive a replacement item, we will credit your account for the merchandise amount.
* Please attach a brief note explaining the defect or indicate on your receipt the item shipped in error. All returns refunds will be credited to the bank/charge card or account used for the purchase transaction.

Shipping Policy: 
* All the shipping costs are included in the prices except for purchasing under $200 that makes you pay a fixed shipping rate (its value is being changed from time to time).
* You will receive your shipment from 10 to 15 days from ordering. 
Customer Service can be reached by phone (+20) 111411123 or email: info@mondybazaar.com