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About us
Mondy Bazaar was the first bazaar opened in the pyramid area, it has been open since 1982, but the history of this bazaar doesn't start at that time.
The history of Mondy Bazaar started in the twenties when the grandfather of Mr. Mondy opened his first bazaar in the center of Cairo and started to contact with tourists and learned how to give the best quality and the best work.
Then came Mr. Mondy's father who opened his own shop near the Islamic monuments, which was the most popular place for tourists at that time and he took his father's experience and developed his own goods and shop.
Then came Mr. Mondy who learned from his grandfather and his father the secrets of how to make the customer comfortable and how to make the best work and quality.
After quite some time he saw that there were no bazaars near the pyramid area, so he started to open the biggest bazaar in this area and called it by his name so no one forgets it "Mondy Bazaar".
And he started to use the 60 years of experience from his father and grandfather, till he became the most famous salesman in Egypt, and his shop went to be the first shop to make a good Cartouche.