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Sherihan one side
It has a rope diamond cut edge which makes it very shiny all the time, and it is one side which means you can put your name in Hieroglyphics (the Ancient Egyptian Language) only on the front and the back is going to be plan, the letters are going to be solder by fire not glued, this is a hand made 18k.Gold Cartouche, you are going to find the stamp of the (18k. Gold) on the back or on the front of each Cartouche.
The length of the cartouche is including the loop.
Those sizes have been taken approximately.
Product #no : CG007
Available Sizes
Size (1) = 1.1 x 4 cm (max. 4 letters) 550 USD
Size (2) = 1.1 x 4.5 cm (max. 6 letters) 650 USD
Size (3) = 1.1 x 5 cm (max. 9 letters) 750 USD