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Key Chain Silver letters
This is a (800) Silver hand made Key Chain, the length of this Key Chain with the Cartouche is approximately 13cm long and the width of the Chain is 0.5cm and the width of the Cartouche is 1.3cm, the Cartouche in this Key Chain is a Regular one, this Cartouche holds maximum 9 letters, this a Sterling Silver (925) hand made Cartouche which comes in Silver letters and also it comes either in one side or double side, one side means you can put your name in Hieroglyphics (the Ancient Egyptian Language) only on the front and the back is going to be plan, and double side means 2 Cartouches stick together to form one double Cartouche and you can put your name in Hieroglyphics on the front and your name in English on the back.
The letters are going to be solder by fire not glued, you are going to find the stamp of the (925) on the back or on the front of each Cartouche.
Those sizes have been taken approximately.
Available Sizes
One side Silver with Silver letters 120 USD
Double side Silver with Silver letters 155 USD
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